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David Warlick workshop

Posted by Cheryl Lykowski on November 1, 2007

Today at our county-wide inservice I was able to participate in an all-day workshop with David Warlick. I will blog more about this later but here are some notes and links to check out for now. I will say this- Excellant presentation! Awesome day!

How can you effectively provide content when the walls are down?

Most of us grew up in schools that prepared us to work in straight rows, perform repetitive tasks, under close supervision

It is no longer that future for our students now. Our students no longer look at their parents and see their future.

Our culture can carry our information and communication with us

In 2003 we generated 5 exabytes of new info

5 exabytes in Library of Congress X 37000

Only 0.01% of that info is printed

We need to start teaching students to learn digitally not with pen and paper

We are preparing our students not for my future but for their future

Students are being insulted by learning in a 19th century classroom

Students of today carry conversations with them. They have tentacles that reach out to those connections.

Most info we will need in 10 yrs will be digitized. If they do not have access then it is though they cannot read.

Will students learn formal language with imspeak?

We should be amazed at students who invented this language.

We should not teach them how to write but when to use imspeak and formal language.

Wombat= waste of money, brains, and time

We look at information as a product. Something we consume.

Students see information as raw material. What can we mix it with to create new information?

Take content off of the internet and create new info.

What do you hope that person knows that empowers them to tell me what to read? What does it mean to be literate?

Students need to be prosumers of information.  We need to raise discriminating prosumers that can discriminate and tear apart info when gathering.

For the first time in history, our job as educators is to teach our students for an unknown future.

Stop integrating technology and integrate literacy.

Teach our kids how to teach themselves.

We were taught to read what was handed to us. This was literacy. Our students are reading in a global electronic library. We need to be literate in this new information environment

Find the info

Decode it

Critically evaluate it

Organize it into personal digital libraries

Arithmetic expands into employing information

We need to be effective readers and learners, as well as producers of information.

We are now able to be part of the global economy and flat world.

If all you can do is communicate in writing it will be without value if no one chooses to use it.

Writing expands into Express ideas compellingly

We see technology. Students see information.

What is it about the elements of a video game that is so compelling, that we can bring that into the classroom and our teaching?

 Handouts are found here:


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