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MACUL 08 Opening Keynote

Posted by Cheryl Lykowski on March 6, 2008

This morning’s opening keynote at MACUL was delivered by Mary Cullinane ([email protected]), the director of the Innovation and Development Team for Microsoft Education and was fantastic. I know that several people have already blogged about this keynote.  She discussed human creativity and building schools for the future. She prompted a lot of thought based on “What if”? What if we understand our customers (students)? What if we were guaranteed not to fail?  What if we knew exactly what we wanted in a learning environment? What if we had resources we needed? What would we create? This really got me thinking. What would I create? What would my learning environment look like? I am sure that my walls would be more transparent and we would travel, even if virtually, everyday. I would allow my students (learners) to have more control over their environment and what they learn and how they learn. (Steve Dickie, Kevin Clark).What would you create?macul08

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